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Circle of Light - Weekly Meditations

circle of light weekly meditation

What is "Circle of Light"?

The "Circle of Light" is a weekly meditation programme held every week on Sunday. To be a part of the programme, please send a request via the form below.

These meditations endevour to give deep experience of the pure state of light within. They hold the essence of goodness that comes through guidance of pure state of "light" consciousness.

You are welcome to join these meditations. Just bring love, sincerity and gratitude to experience and share endless goodness with all.

What to expect?

Come without expectation and you shall find something that might be useful. The light within us can only grow when one steps outside the limitations of expectations. We come from the limitless so let us not limit what awaits us in perfection.

Be the part of the "Circle of Light"

Let us come together and grow the circle of light. Each one of us is the spark of beauty that is filled with goodness. As we grow our spark, so shall we grow the light in others.

The circle is a representation of no beginning and no end. It can expand to the limitless potential of itself. It starts from a dot to grow into its state of perfection.

Is it free to join?

Anyone can join without any obligation. If you would like to support the work, you can make voluntary contribution. Kindly see below:

You can click here to contribute what you can with love and gratitude as this will help with the running costs and support the work.

 Please fill the form and hit send to request to be part of the programme. Once your email is confirmed, you will receive a link to join the meditations. Thank you!

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