Energetic Realignment with Harmonization

Life Changing Seminars, Coaching Programme, Powerful Mind & Body Balancing Sessions

Journey to untangle the souls path;
A guide to abundant state of the self
For individuals and Couples

Energetic Realignment with Harmonization

About the session:

Energetic Realignment with Harmonization session is designed to untangle and clear blockages in one's life path. It is a gentle, yet powerful technique that aligns the energy field of the participant with that of the eternal consciousness.

This process unveils the hidden potentials and gifts as it opens the pathways to opportunities in one's life so that the deepest desires can manifest into abundantly beautiful experiences.

It includes:

  1. Energetic harmonization 
  2. Energy balancing 
  3. Realignment and protection against blockages with alignment to the “Zero Degree of one’s Horoscope” (what is “Zero Degree of one’s Horoscope” - read more here)
  4. Guidance through messages from the divine consciousness 
  5. Resolutions of issues and practical solutions on one’s life path
  6. Re-alignment of the physical body to it’s harmonious state 


The couples harmonization session helps to renew and rejuvenate the energy field in a relationship. A marriage or partnership is held by pillars that support it, thus providing strength and an opportunity to grow with time.

Even the smallest weakness of the pillars of the relationship can create disharmony that may lead to emotional conflicts, health issues, material discomfort etc.

The couples harmonisation session brings a balance to the relationship and creates an energy field of synchronicity that leads to joyful abundance and goodness for both.

Please note that both the partners must be present during the couples session.

How is it done?

You will have a face to face online video session with Satjit. A link will be sent to you once the session is scheduled. Alternatively, it can also be done via Viber/ Whatsapp/ Skype or phone or similar application. And it can also be done without your presence as Satjit will do the energetic realignment and harmonization from a distance. 


Each session lasts for about 40 minutes. 

Your Investment: 

 35 GBP for Individual session/ 50 GBP Couples session

Book a session

To book a session of "Energetic Realignment with Harmonization", please click here.


To prepare yourself for these sessions please make sure that:

  1. You can prepare up to 3 questions that you are looking for answers to or the problems for which you cannot find solutions. (Do note that most of the time the answer will unfold even before you ask the question)
  2. Make sure you are in a quiet place with no disturbance.
  3. Don’t be late for the session as this will give you less time due to scheduled bookings.
  4. If you require translation, please confirm in advance.
  5. If you require recording, please confirm in advance.
  6. To honour the session please make sure that you are in a respectful physical state as these sessions bring pure and powerful energies forward, and that you will be experiencing the divine states of the eternal universe and your own divine self.
  7. Prepare questions about yourself and not about others ie your family members and friends etc. This session is about you and harmonization of your inner self.