Life Path Reading Sessions

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Personal Reading Sessions
Awaken, Attune, Manifest, Create

What is it?

Personal reading sessions are designed to:

  1. Align and reconnect with one's true SELF (also called the Higher-SELF),

  2. Help with understanding the power that lies within oneSELF by awakening the subtle dimensions in one's energy field or auric field,

  3. Attune with one’s pure SELF and bring clarity in one's life with the help of guided messages from higher pure dimensions.

  4. To recreate the pathway and realign with one’s Life Path or Life Mission.

What is involved?

During the reading session, the connection with one's purest self can be felt. This helps  clear the blocked energy pathways and in turn bring clarity from within oneSELF. It also helps to reconnect with one’s pure energy channels. With this reconnection, an awakening from within takes place. The session helps one to realign and provides solutions to personal life issues, relationship issues, life progression, etc.

Since the reading sessions have been developed with the guidance of the pure universal consciousness, they go beyond what a normal "psychic sessions" entails.

There is no invocation involved; the session works as an observer or a  third party looking at a movie show without actually being involved with the working behind the scenes. This is an important aspect of this process as it helps to understand the why’s, how’s and what’s that surround the person taking the session. As an observer, it becomes easier understand what is being revealed? This brings clarity from within and helps one understand what is needed for personal growth and for one's development in life.

The purpose of these sessions is to awaken and realign with the “source” that helps to reconnect with the higher-SELF, to find guidance for life mission and to become attuned to the force that brings out the best in oneSELF in order to enrich one's life and of those of others. With this in place, the power of positive manifestation begins.

As the session progresses, questions can be put forward in order to finding further guidance and to understand the issues that hinder one's growth and success.

These sessions are gentle, yet powerful. They involve working with the purity of the consciousness that exists with all of us.

When and How?

Sessions can be had in person or via Skype. Each session lasts between 40 to 50 minutes. To book a session, please click here.